Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 1: 9:40pm – 6/21/11, Tuesday

Day one is coming to a close. I keep trying to push myself, but I think I’ve gotten all the words on the page I can for one day. I may take a nap and keep trying. I’ve completed a lot with script, however. I’ve gotten past my first inciting incident (page 8), and arrived in the middle of my first reversal (p.g. 15). My morale is high, yet I am still tired. I wanted to have at least the first act finished by now and hit at least page thirty before passing out. It goes without saying that I hate myself for falling short. The pace will just have to be quicker tomorrow.

Way too much time was wasted today. I’m trying to limit my internet interactions but I get distracted so easily. A lot of the problem is that I outlined this script months ago and finally got around to putting it on paper. Huge mistake. A lot of my enthusiasm for the project is gone. I’m slowly finding it again, thankfully. Luckily I still like the concept enough, otherwise I may have just let it go and it would be a different script I’d be working on now (so many ideas, so little time!).

While writing this project, new ideas for scripts are constantly bouncing around inside my head. I’ve been writing them down on post-its, if for no other reason than to get them out of my head. It’s as if when I have a physical copy of an idea my brain lets it go so that I can focus again.

Another way that I am saved is through music. Music helps me focus while working. TMBG and access to Pandora internet radio have become my saviors. Songs with a quick tempo are, obviously, preferred. Interestingly enough there are a few videos that I’m able to let play in the background. Chief among these is anything by Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame. Currently I’m watching/writing through his “Inventions that Changed the World” Series. I suspect I will be watching through them again tomorrow. Strangely, all of the works of Carl Sagan, though I adore the man’s work, seem to put me to sleep, or make me stop and watch.

Anything to help me tune out the outside world. The cats (Two of them, a seven year long hair and a chubby three year grey tabby) have been no help at all, and always make a habit of begging for attention the moment I hit my most focused. I indulge them though. Small bursts of writing rather than prolonged marathons may be the reason I’m behind, however it has kept me sane, and I predict will help me in the long run.

The two keyboard setup I have going is helping as well. Right now I have an extra keyboard connected via USB to my laptop. I’ll type on my laptop, but if my wrists get tired, I’ll drop my hands to the external keyboard. It sits on a movable shelf in the desk, and is much closer to my lap. Easier the better. I spend the day alternating between the two. Keeps things from being boring.

I will try to rise before eight and try to pick up some of the slack.

Pages: 14 (Goal: 13) – 17% complete
Scenes: 21
Words: 2509

Mountain Dew (12oz): 4
AMP Energy(16oz): 2
Red Bull (8.4oz): ½

PAGES FROM DAY 1. Full of spelling/grammar errors. I will proof read at the end of draft one. In the mean time, my apologies.

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