Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 5- 11pm 6/25/11, Saturday

I woke up today with the thought, “Oh good, it’s my ‘time to die alarm!’ Wait…that’s not…wait…”. For some reason whatever I was dreaming about decided to leech into the real world. Not one to believe in/heed bad omens, I note it merely as an aside and continue writing.

Today’s writing saw me through to the end of Act 2A, and well into ending Act 2B. There is some discussion as to whether or not Act 2 should end at page sixty or seventy. I really believe this depends on the genre, and how long you plan on your third act panning out. It’s beginning to look like my second act will conclude at around seventy (if not just before it) and then begin the third at a short time later. I’m reminded of the quote from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (a television show, which if you haven’t seen, shame on you! Go find a few episodes and watch right away!), where one character remarks, “Love pads the film”. The entire cast then embarks on a song and clip segment from the film they’re watching (Sidehakers I believe it is), and how said love will pad the length of the film. Sadly, due to my genre I can’t rely on this idea of love padding to really benefit the story in any way shape or form.

So I’ve asked myself a question while I was working; is it easier to work when I have a page limit set, or a time limit? I’d been working all week with a set number of pages to get done a day, and I seem to drag a bit. This could have been just lack of sleep, procrastination, or whatever. It seemed to me, however, when I sat down and simply set a timer for an hour that the pages seemed to fly by. I would look up and think, “Holy Snap self! Look at all the pages that got done!” To which I would reply, “Why are you cursing like a five year old? Your mom’s not here to bother you.” Then the trade of insults would begin, followed by the thrown fists, before finally ending in a forced apology and resuming of work. My self is a bit of a dick stupid face.

My morale continues to be high. Thankfully the concoction of music and video has kept me working. I’m starting to grow tired of TMBG. As much as I like them, one can only listen to them so many times a day. I’ve diluted the music by mixed in some classic rock to keep the tempo up. My health is a bit better. I think my voice is back. I blame the brush fires outside of town for losing it. The sleep is definitely helping me keep sane. Or at least, that’s what the voices keep telling me. Onward with pages, go I!

Pages: 64 (Goal: 64) – 71% complete
Scenes: 60
Words: 10666

Mountain Dew (12oz): 7
AMP Energy(16oz): 7
Red Bull (8.4oz): 6

PAGES FROM DAY 5. Full of spelling/grammar errors. I will correct these after I finish the draft. Until then, my apologies. 

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