Thursday, June 23, 2011

DAY 3- 11pm, 6/23/11, Thursday

Finally, back on track with my sleep. I crashed about 8am, and woke up about noon. Not the perfect day, but at least I’m up before most people start to get off their jobs.

Reached my page goal for the day. I’ve given up trying to write more than my goal everyday. For most of this project I’ve tried to force myself to get in twenty-five or thirty pages a day. At this point in the project, I just can’t see that happening. Oh, sure, it’s relatively easy to do that amount of work, just not when I’ve got this general malaise. I’ll break out of this funk in a few more pages, I’m sure of it. I blame the rain.

One of the main problems I think I’m coming up against at this point is keeping the steaks high. If there is no danger, or no chance of failure, than an audience has no reason to care. I have two act reversals coming up that will really accelerate the story, I just have to hold onto an element of danger for my protagonist until that time. Currently, I have my protagonist going through a few trials to ‘prove his worth’. The moment he seems to succeed and grow as a character I plan on kicking the floor out from under him (metaphorically speaking) with an act reversal. Most writers seem to have problems with doing dreadful things to their characters. I can’t say that I mind it. Rewrites have never bothered me, thankfully. There’s something cathartic about making one’s work better than it was. Or maybe I have no soul to put on paper, I have no idea. I’m just a guy with a computer and a scriptwriting program. What do I know?

My body is starting to break down from the stress, poor sleep, and horrible eating. I’ve cut down to a meal a day (when I remember to eat) to save time. Not really a conscious thing, it just sort of happened. I’ll have to watch out for this. No need to kill myself over a first draft. Honestly, I expected this to happen sooner. I usually come out of a writing binge with a cold or horrible heath. I’m sure there’s a medical reason as to why this is, but at the current moment, I really can’t be bothered with learning what it is. Later, however. Later.

Pandora Radio is beginning to annoy me. At night it tends to play soft music. I’ve resorted back to my TMBG library of music, as well as playlists on the internet. Jeremy Clarkson seems to be my constant companion. I’ve watched through his “Jeremy Clarkson Meets the Neighbors” series today. Fantastic word play through out the entire series.

Tomorrow I shall be looking at finishing the first half of the second act. It’s in this general area (between 40 and 60 pages) that most writers give up. I’ll look into that a little bit more tomorrow. Moving forward!

Pages: 38 (Goal: 38) – 42% complete
Scenes: 35
Words: 6237

Mountain Dew (12oz): 5
AMP Energy(16oz): 6
Red Bull (8.4oz): 1

PAGES FROM DAY 3. Full of spelling/grammar errors. I will correct these after I finish the draft. Until then, my apologies.

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