Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 7 – Sunday, 6/27/11 – 11pm And then the Re-writing began…

Crashed, woke up in a panic, then ran to post this. I finished about mid-afternoon today. My third act wrapped up with the Antagonist offing himself (that’s a little dark, I may go back and change that). It was always very important to me to give my antagonist a reason to be moral dubious. He was just trying to do what he thought was right, just like my Protagonist. I wanted the audience to hate him, but also hate themselves for hating him. A one note character would kill this. Maybe I succeeded, maybe I didn’t. I’ll have to reread this and see if I actually managed to pull it off (and of course, now that you know my intention I’ve ruined your perception of the material as well. It’ll have to do, I suppose).
I end with relatively good health, just super sleepy. I’m going to go back and crash again after I upload the pages. Maybe I’ll edit this post, but I’ll more than likely have a retrospective about the entire experience later.

Thank you all for reading these few blog posts that at times must sound like the ravings of a mad man. Thank you for reading any pages if you have done so. I will see you on the other side (of sleeeeeeep). Let the caffeine detox begin!

Pages: 92
Scenes: 72
Words: 14008

Mountain Dew (12oz): 7
AMP Energy(16oz): 10
Red Bull (8.4oz): 8

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