Thursday, June 23, 2011

Introduction and Explanation

Hello Interwebs.

My name is Josh. I’m a screenwriter currently in grad school at a small arts college in a corner of the American Southeast. It’s summer break for those of us still lucky enough to be in university, and I have a week of free time on my hands. So, what better thing to do, than write a screenplay in that time?

There are a lot of stories out there of people writing large bits of material in absurdly short periods of time. I myself have done a feature in a few days. However, no one (at least, no one that I have been able to find on the net) has documented the experience as they go. I aim to change that.

This is not meant as a ‘how to’ of screenwriting. I am a student. While I try and be professional, in all honesty I am not a pro. I can’t pretend to teach anyone anything that they can’t learn from a book or from first hand experience. The purpose of this fun little experiment is A) to see if I can do it again, and B) to keep a log of the thought process of someone who goes through an experience like this. If anyone can learn something from this or can become inspired to work harder on their own writing than fantastic. That’s awesome, but not really the point.

A bit of a disclaimer as well. A lot of this Seven Day Journal will contain massive typos, spelling and grammar errors. I will be writing these at the end of each day, and will be too tired to think straight, let alone be bothered to proof read. I do apologize. As someone who does a lot of reading, as well as writing, I can understand if someone would become frustrated by this. Again, my humblest of apologies.

Each night I will post the day’s writings, should anyone be interested in my progress. The writings will also contain spelling errors etc. It’s a first draft, and I will be going back and making corrections.

I’m also taping a video log that I will upload at a later date. My camera and computer are at war, so I’ll edit the video and post it at some point in the near future.


Now that I’ve bored you with the overwritten details to the experiment, let’s get to the story.

Logline: A young sheep dresses as a wolf to prank his flock, but things turn sour when the real wolves show up.

A bit weak, I know. It’s a work in progress. It has one of the things I hate about most loglines: it reads like an advert. I have a better written one somewhere in my notes. I’ll post it later and take this bit out.
This is the second time I’ve approached a story that is intended for children. It’s not my usual target audience, so we’ll see where this goes.

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